"Anthony Nieves"

Anthony Nieves has been a part of several band line ups, currently he performs solo in venues in and around Perth and Fremantle Western Australia.

Anthony is an outstanding musician/songwriter and vocalist, who delivers passionate acoustically driven rock pop with emotional melodic vocals.

Anthony has completed his debut solo album consisting of ten tracks. Seven of the tracks were recorded and produced in Anthony's home studio and three of the tracks were recorded with Rob Agostini at SOUNDBAKER STUDIOS accompanied by session musicians.

Songwriting dominantly with an acoustic guitar and embracing modern technology, Anthony's debut album "AUTUMN DAYS" possess' a distinct blend of both contemporary and classic stylings, resulting in a soundscape that is truly unique while maintaing a sense of familiarity.

History - A self taught musician, Anthony discovered his love for music in his mid teens. The first instrument he took to was the drums (he got his first drum kit in 1993 aged 18) prior to this he would play on friends drums or at the Highschool. Having natural rhythmn Anthony developed extensivly as a drummer and he played for over an 8 year period. He performed close to 150 shows between 1996 and 1998 with is band Revolver.

He got his first guitar in 1996 aged 21, having been a drummer he spent alot of time associating with guitarists and was keen to learn to play. Once his band had come to a parting around 1998 he took a more serious approach to his songwriting.

Anthony initially viewed the guitar as an instrument that was merely a tool he could use as a foundation for his vocals. His musical arrangements are subtle but clever and truly compliment his vocal melodies.


Influences - Anthony has a wide range of influences as do most musicians.
Some of these are international artists such as U2, Matchbox 20 and Lifehouse and Australian artists such as Alex Lloyd, Pete Murray, Bernard Fanning (Powderfinger), and the like.

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