By Justin Nowrojee (Editor - FWA Magazine)

Local artist Anthony Nieves successfully launches album and bound for France.

Anthony Nieves takes to the stage at the Fly By Night Friday 02/11/07.

“Encore, Encore!” yelled the crowd as local artist Anthony Nieves closed the night with a jam packed show at Fremantle’s Fly By Night Club. Songs from Anthony’s new album ‘All That I Am’ captivated the audience with his subtle sounds and edgy rock brought to life with a full band stage show.

The Fly By Night Club a sanctuary for budding musicians and a venue for some of the best national and world acclaimed artists became the launching pad for Anthony Nieves ‘New’ release ‘All that I Am’. A well co-ordinated event bringing together other local Western Australian support acts ‘Carl Fox’ and ‘Morgan and the Rising’ to top the occasion.

Carl Fox opened the night with his beautiful and unique song writing. His relaxed persona captured the moderate sized crowd. Carl was followed by Morgan and the Rising who put on a quality show performing her brand of acoustic folk pop. They were well received by the ever growing audience leading up to the well anticipated performance by “Anthony Nieves & Band” to an escalating fan base of almost maximum capacity!

Anthony has made his mark relentlessly working as a solo artist performing around Perth for several years with one ultimate goal. As a true musician many of his life experiences have been portrayed through his lyrics and music adding his own flavour to the recipe. With a great sound complemented by his unique voice, you can expect to find an element of truth and tranquillity that didn’t fall short for the crowd on Friday night.

The gig opened with a bang, straight into it with powering drums kicking off an uplifting song “A better place”. It was great to see the band getting into and supporting an otherwise solo artist. “John Trotter” who played killer drums, “Roy Martinez” on base/lead guitar who chopped it up, “Rob Agostini” on rhythm/backing vocals and the unforgettable “Mike Williams” on keyboard/percussion/backing vocals who lit up the stage with enjoyment playing along with Nieves . A tapestry of blended music.

As the night progressed a certain ambience filled the air with the interaction between Anthony and the crowd growing strong with the odd cheek of contention, a true performance heralding laughter and enjoyment. Midway through the evening Anthony’s song “This is love” featured a breakdown where the members of the band were introduced, each playing a tasty solo piece. Following this was one of the highlights of the night. The lights dimmed and Anthony sat back to his traditional solo ways giving the audience a personal display of his song writing abilities. A nice touch to warm the crowd.

After continuing with songs like “You are the one” and “I’ll be here” to a closing encore that startled Nieves. Such feedback only shows how much appreciation and impact that his music had influenced the onlookers.

“I thought a typical encore performance for my show would be wanky!”
– Anthony Nieves.

The crowd begged to differ.

Not only was the Album release a success but also there was a different objective in the campaign. A worthy cause that Nieves has set to promote Australian Music at the MIDEM trade event in France. So lets all get behind our new ambassador for WA and Australian music to put Perth on the map for original artists. For your support log onto

As an observer watching the crowd tapping their feet, arms waving in the air, to people getting up front and dancing. It soon became apparent an atmosphere was building and I just had to find a way to interview this artist. After waiting patiently amongst the many punters swarming around him seeking signed copies of the album, posters and t-shirts, I approached Anthony after the gig and he was more than happy to discuss his future plans and the direction of his music.

Q) I was intrigued to see such an overwhelming response to your launch. How do you think it went?

A) I am really pleased! It has been a bigger turn out than I anticipated and the support has been a little overwhelming! I am stoked! It has been a definite success!

Q) What do you think 2008 holds for you?

A) I have many things to address. I have plans of possibly re-locating overseas to try and tap into my target market. Despite the almost maximum capacity crowd tonight I feel my music might be better suited to an overseas market. As you know I am heading to MIDEM in January to kick off the New Year. What ever happens, I know I’ll be very busy!

Q) I understand local radio have an interest in your music. Can you tell us about this?

A) I feel radio is a great vehicle to help get my music to my target market so I have approached as many radio stations as possible to try and establish the possibility of some airplay and coverage. I have been lucky enough to have received some great support from a few local stations.

Q) What do you want to achieve at the MIDEM trade event in France?

A) I am seeking to come away from MIDEM with some great music industry connections which will ultimately lead me to doing some overseas business involving exporting my music.

Q) What drives ‘Anthony Nieves’ as a solo artist?

A) I have a deep passion for my music and that’s really the core of it.

Q) What music has inspired you over the last two years?

A) There is so much really, but I guess I have been enjoying what artists like Pete Murray and Alex Lloyd have been consistently producing.

There you have it readers. One of the best and newest local talents sharing his thoughts, launching to fly to success.

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A RADIO INTERVIEW! - mp3 file (34mb)

Anthony recently featured on a multi national radio interview with UK based The interview with him discusses some of his songwriting techniques and the way he approaches his songs. It is in mp3 format and is almost 40 mins long.
Includes 5 whole songs!